A new letter and article from Younes Abdullah Muhammad

Assalamulaikum warahmatullahi wa barakatuhu:

Praise be to Allah, Lord of the worlds, sender of the Messengers and the revelation with them, Master of the day we die and the day we rise to be accounted for every second of our lives. It’s been a while since I penned an article. (Egypt and the IMF – An Economic Struggle for the Future of the New Middle East)- Mostly I’ve been busy memorizing and in study and other correspondence. This article is an important one about the IMF and Egypt. I also hope you might enjoy this recent interview about my situation here.

By the permission of Allah -Ta’ala- my family and I continue to persevere through this trial and I hope to be a bit more active in the coming period. Indeed it is as Shaykh al-Islam once described it, “The one who is truly imprisoned is the one whose heart is imprisoned from Allah and the captive is the one who is a slave to his desires.” In many ways, we prisoners are free on the inside but it would be a lie to belittle some of the environmental challenges that accompany a test like this one. At this time, I am in need of a few minor donations in order to maintain family correspondence, acquire books and research material, and basic items for hygiene.

So, I ask any of you that might be able to ease the affairs of this prisoner to assist me. To donate please email my wife at or you can do so directly through Western Union’s Quick Collect Program. You can go to any location, call on the phone or go online but you must provide my name:

To send money:

Jesse Morton
id #: 79274-083
City Code: FBOP
and State Code: DC

I pray that Allah reward you all immensely and thank you for any support we may receive. We couldn’t make it without you.

Additionally, we prisoners are always in need of reminders and because I have settled in and some of the paranoia surrounding my case has subsided, it would mean the world to me were a few of you to write and send me words of encouragement. You can do so by emailing messages to my wife or sending them direct to the address below.


To send mail:

Jesse Morton 79274-083
FCI Schuylkill
PO BOX 759
Minersville PA 17954-0759

I thank the brave and courageous members of the Ummah that have overlooked the manipulations of the mainstream press, the blame of the blamers and the betrayal of fellow Muslims and continue to sustain contact through this ordeal. I pray that Allah rewards you all immensely and that He (SWT) makes a way to hasten the release of all the Muslim prisoners. I remind you that there is no might nor power except for Allah and that everything written for you will pass you by, that Allah turns tragedy into blessing if you face trials with patience and that the palaces of Kings and their dominions have passed to dust but that what remains with Allah is eternal and everlasting. I remain honored by the blessing that is Al-Islam and grateful each day for remaining a member of the Ummah of Muhammad (saws). Please remember us prisoners in your du’aa and know that we are remembering you in ours and praying for your steadfastness, success and adherence to the Sunnah. I hope to hear from you soon.

Your brother in deen,

Younus Abdullah Muhammad

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