PROFILE| Ziyad Yaghi


AGE: 26 years old
SENTENCED: 31.5 years imprisonment


ZIYAD YAGHI (#51771-056)



P.O. BOX 3000

PINE KNOT, KY  42635


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From his mother:

I want people to understand how corrupt our system is and how it is solely designed to keep the rich rich and the poor poor and how it has no conscious what so ever! Its goal is money and to use people as scapegoats to fulfil their political goal.

My son, Ziyad Yaghi, was only a teenager when he and his friend Omar Hassan (originally from Egypt) and Ziyad originally from Palestine and Jordan went to visit the country of their origin! All what they did was go sightseeing and visit family members and were looking for a future bride. Nothing out of the ordinary took place overseas in Jordan and in Egypt and after two years and a half of my son and his friend coming back from overseas the FBI decided to arrest them!

On July 27th, 2009 our apartment complex was invaded by armed FBI agents and a SWAT team who arrested my twenty-one year old son from the pool!

They made it seem like they were arresting a “terrorist”! This big hype for the media so who ever wants to get elected will claim that they arrested a “terrorist” to help keep our country “safe”.

Safe from what? When my son has not done one thing wrong or hurt as much as a hair on anyone’s head! He was refused a speedy trial based on there was “secret evidence” and remained in jail for over two years till his trial took place by a very biased jury who were not of my son’s peer and fill asleep during the trial and most of them were older people, some who could barely walk! The trial was very unfair and very unclear tape recordings of “The Ring leader” were played filled out by the prosecutors in a transcript given to the jury was used against my son who was not in any of these tape recordings! Of course even though there was not any evidence against my son, and even though the “ring leader” when basically forced under duress to testify against my son, when cross examined said that he never conspired with my son, Ziyad Yaghi, to do anything!!! Yet the jury convicted my son and the Judge gave him 31.5 years!

The judge also allowed biased material in court that had nothing to do with my son like video tapes of people beheading other people and so on which of course scared an ignorant jury!

This entire ordeal has caused us so much grief, depression and sadness. Many days I wake up crying or go to sleep crying or have to leave my job because all of a sudden I burst out crying while I am at work and cannot stop!

I am constantly spaced out because I keep thinking about my son and the situation that he is in! He is in (Special Housing Unit) which is even worse than solitary confinement! Not only that, they fined us, because they wronged us, $8200 which will be taken out of the money that I send him for commissary!

The assistant manager at our apartment complex said that she never saw a more gentleman than my son!
My son who did not like me killing any insects in our apartment now is convicted of material support and conspiracy to kill and maim people!!! We still don’t know material support to whom since my son did not give any money to anyone and to kill who since he never even thought of hurting anyone!!!

Just because some people want to be promoted or get elected we have to suffer! Our family has been shattered our lives interrupted from people with no conscious!

Muslims are being discriminated against, oppressed and denied any rights in America!!!

A country that I was born in took our rights from us and discriminated against us just because we are Muslims . It is you who can us help when you speak out, when you stand by us the oppressed. “If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor” Desmond Tutu


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Latest poetry from Laila Yaghi

December 30, 2014

Only God knows; the feeling of betrayal, the feeling of the oppressed

As I shuffle through your letters
One by one
Putting the older ones in shoe boxes
With every letter a piece of my heart goes
Like an extinguished candle
I turn my head to the window
To see that dawn is approaching
I turn again and it is dusk
And I am still shuffling through your letters
Reading word by word
As I shuffle through a stack of letters
A tear drops on every word you wrote
The letters are soaked
A tear creates a hole
Penetrating through
Like an arrow
Through ones heart
“Dear mom”
To the end with, “love from your son”
Every word is cherished
Sad notes
Jailed words
Jailed breath
Shackled alphabets
Does anyone know how I feel?
How I feel
When justice is gone
When oppression breaks through one’s bones
When lies and deception continue from the oppressors
When silent lips conceal the truth
When silent hearts don’t support
It hurts
Life is gone
Can’t be compensated
Son O son
Life is gone
Like a movie screen
Shown slowly on a projector
Then paused
With every slide there’s pain
I blinked and you were 21
Then blinked again and now you are 26
Still languishing in jail
Many gray streaks crept up on my hair
Stole away my youth
My vitality
From worrying about you
There in a prison cell
They have you
With no windows
Small enclosed space
Like a box
A grave before a grave
With no grave yard in sight
No moon to descend at you at night
No owls hoot
No birds sing
No sun to spread its rays
And smiley face
No eagles to spread their wings
No wind to transport our weak voices
Through the long harsh nights
Afar you pray
I pray
And Only God knows
The Feeling of Betrayal
The Feeling of the OPPRESSED
©Laila Yaghi

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