Letters from Noureddine Malki & Mailing Address

Dear Halima & Sonia,

Did you let the French journalists know where I’m right now?

This place, as I described it before,- is called CMU (Communication Management Unit)
This secretive place has more barbed wires than Guantanamo Bay prison.

Phone calls are only 15 minutes a week and inmates are cut off from the rest of the general population.
According to the retarded genius who created or helped create it this unit was designed to house dangerous convicts to “protect the public” from us. The inmates here are labeled by the government as the most dangerous people on the face of earth. Even serial killers, rapists, mobsters, and real time career criminals who are all doing life in other jails enjoy 300-minute phone calls and are not isolated from the rest of prison population.

So are inmates here more dangerous or are they simply Muslims? The answer is so clear a legally blind person can see it.

Right now almost 90% of the inmates here are Muslims. This is no coincidence in any way or form !!
The other 10% are thrown in here just to deceive the public that this place holds non Muslims as well.
None of the 10% knows why they happen to be here in this place with Muslim inmates.

Since the new so-called TRULINCS was introduced communication problems suddenly surfaced
every time I try to make my only phone call of the week.

Being in the CMU you have to request a phone call one week in advance.

Just this last Monday April 20th, 2009 at 1.00 PM, local time as I neared the 4th minute talking to my wife when the phone got disconnected. According to the person in charge I have to wait until someone in Washington determines what happened. If the person decided that the problem occurred outside the system then I would be denied my phone call for the week. I have to wait again for the other planned for the following week.

There is nothing I can do. My fate depends on the mercy of someone in Washington if I should make the call or not.

Here are resources about CMU you may need to check:

http://sjlendman.blogspot.com (articles on CMU)
http://www.democracynow.org (search archives for 04/17/09)
http://www.supportdaniel.org/cmu (04/14/09)
http://www.greenisthenewred.com .


Dear sister Halima,
My laptop was in my apartment while I was deployed in Iraq. I never took it with me.
My personal laptop computer was void of any classified materials. I wouldn’t mix any work-related stuff with my personal files and folders.

The FBI agents, however, having deceptively convinced Vincent to let them into the apartment, went in with neither a search warrant from court, nor my consent. They misled Vincent into believing that I had told him previously to let them into my apartment. They took advantage of his ignorance of the rules of search and seizure. Armed with their malicious intents they ransacked the whole place and took away any thing they deemed good to construct an illusive case against me even when I served the U.S for two years in a time of war. They found -among the piles of Compact Disks I had been using as part of my daily work routine- one work-related CD that has classified information. It had been accidentally taken from my work place along with all other disks I had . They consequently used that CD, not the laptop, as evidence against me. So they charged me with unauthorized possession of classified documents.

The prosecutor, already predisposed to enhance my sentence, used the wrong sentencing guidelines that carry the maximum prison term of 10 years. Because of my race and religion, he chose the guidelines that can only be used against those who are charged with bad intent to distribute or pass the classified information to others not authorized to have it. He said I had violent plots and criminal intents without proving any facts. If I ever had any bad intent wouldn’t I be extra careful and tend to be very calculating? If I ever had any criminal intent I would be very prudent not to leave any trace of evidence. I would have destroyed any evidence simply because I wouldn’t be that stupid to leave a trail behind. In fact, violent plots and criminal intents were found only within the prosecutor’s and the agents’ minds, certainly not mine.

I felt their prejudice from day one. The fact that I had to spend 6 months in solitary confinement is proof that my case was racially motivated. They lied to the judge when he asked why I had been placed in a solitary cell. First they said that they had nothing to with my placement and that it was the bureau of prisons’ decision to place me anywhere they wanted. Then it turned out later that they asked the prison authorities to place me in isolation to increase pressure on me to plea guilty for the purpose of depriving me of my due process right to a jury trial. They committed acts of perjury and obstruction of justice by having lied to the judge. Unfortunately nothing was done about their lies. It’s just business as usual. The question is: Can a prosecutor charge himself with perjury and Obstruction of justice? The answer is, of course, NO!! They use the law against others and the law can’t be used against them, even if they lie.

They even passed classified information to my lawyer, by means of mail and hand delivery, even when she didn’t have clearance, at that time, to view secret documents which are deemed classified. So they committed a crime by passing classified information to a lawyer who was not supposed to view it until she gets clearance. Even so, they wanted to show that their duty was to protect America from people like me, whereas the truth lies in the fact that they took my case as an opportunity to save their careers by sacrificing me as a burned offering to the Bush administration. It became apparent that satisfying a political agenda was a primary criteria for them to keep their jobs.

Some good prosecutors somehow resisted pressure from the White House. They used the rule of law by deciding not to prosecute innocent people and instead used common sense, pursuant to ethical rules. Their good intentions back fired and were perceived as politically disloyal. So they were in danger of losing their jobs and being replaced. Former U.S Attorney general, Alberto Gonzales, was asked to fire so many good prosecutors simply they weren’t aggressive enough to bring charges against democratic rivals and more people of the Muslim faith. those who kept their jobs and couldn’t find any real reason to prosecute Muslims, were put under pressure and urged to create any grounds or fake reasons to find Muslims and prosecute them. They used the tax payers’ money to hire informants to entrap Muslims into FBI created crimes.

All this was, of course, done to create a sense of fear and make the public believe that they’re saving America from the threat of terrorism.

Alberto Gonzales once stole highly classified information and tempered with it. He was never charged of any crime.

There is much more to talk about, more than enough to write books about the subject…I’ll stop here for now.

Please pass this information to ACLU and the French media to uncover the false persecution of innocent Muslims.



P. O. BOX 1000
MARION, IL 62959

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