Chat Lines’ Minors Ban

Dating Lines or Chat Lines offer the fastest route in order to meet new people, socialize, and instantly score a date. Using these call-in services is also fast and easy. This is why a lot of people are drawn to using them; including minors who are not part of the target market. 

Companies that are operating these chat lines honor the law and abide by the regulations. They implement specific guidelines to ensure that only singles of legal age will take part in the chat line community. There are moderators who constantly check the system and a recorded voice prompt reminds every single caller about this regulation. Still, minors who are overly curious about what is going on within the chat lines tend to violate this law.

Dating Lines such as connect a caller to other singles that are also using the chat lines within a specific area. Callers can maintain their anonymity and are never required to provide any personal information.

According to the founder of, Joe Blankenship reported to that all minors trying to use any chat line service are flagged and blocked from any dating phone system listed.

This makes dating lines or chat lines accessible to minors. By law, it is a crime to date and has sex with a minor. Severe charges with harsh penalties await adults who are dating minors. The severity of the charges advances when a greater age gap exists between the minor and the offender. 

The existence of such laws strictly prohibits minors from calling the chat lines which are mainly designed for adults within the legal age of 18 years and above. Such law is implemented not only to preserve the innocence of the minors but also to protect them from potential danger.

Chat lines can actually create avenues for two chat partners to meet up conveniently since they are from within the same area. There is a huge risk involved if one of them is an adult and the other is actually a minor. Thus, chat lines strictly prohibit and discourage minors from calling and faking their age in order to gain access.

Furthermore, in the instance that sexual intercourse happens during the meet-up, the adult may be charged by the state laws with statutory rape even if it is consensual. A person who is found guilty of engaging in sexual activities with a minor may be incarcerated especially with a larger age gap. This refers to some jail time depending on the severity of charges.

Most laws that govern statutory rape are implemented to punish adults who take advantage of minors. Thus, harsher penalties apply with a larger age gap as compared to statutory rape cases wherein there is a minimal age gap of only, for instance, two years.

This is referred to as close-in-age exemption or Romeo and Juliet law.  For lesser age gaps involved, the severity of offense may be reduced from felony to misconduct. Punishment for such an offense usually includes a fine or penalty, and/or community service. 

For all these reasons, minors are strictly prohibited from using chat lines. Minors are considered more vulnerable, and they lack the level of maturity that is required to fully understand the concept of chat lines.