About us

We formally welcome you to our website

We would like to introduce our group as Freedom Bloggers. Our group was established way back in 2012 with a vision to impart relevant and timely topics to our audience concerning technology, its advantages, relevance, and potential risks.

Our objective is to write about topics that help build awareness among people in this present generation. We also want to explore subjects that are commonly associated with the existing behavior of the society in general. We are hoping that we would be able to reach out to a larger scope of audience so we can impart our message across all ages regarding the responsible use of technology.

How We Started

We started out with only 5 active members in 2012. We gather every Tuesday to discuss socially-relevant issues and to share insights about our observations in our daily lives. We also wanted to experience active social interaction wherein we are free to speak our minds. Back then, all we wanted was to make good use of our time by way of sharing ideas, insights, and different perspectives – more like having a support group. We had a “no cellphone policy” during our meetings to ensure that we can all focus on our discussions. Each one of us is given a chance to speak while everyone else listen.

Eventually, some members were able to recruit more individuals to join us. Our discussions became more fruitful through active sharing of different points of views and relevant stories that revolve around us. Our group allows each member to think and speak freely. And because cellphones are banned during our weekly meetings, we have come to appreciate the beauty of real and genuine social interaction wherein we can all learn from each other because we have undivided attention. 

To date, our group has grown with a total of 12 members. We regularly meet every Tuesday afternoon for our group discussions; and now, we have also finally launched our group’s official blog site. We are hoping that you can join us every step of the way in exploring topics that are relevant to this present generation.