Mauri Saalakhan: The Terroristic Rampage of Omar Mateen: And Its Vile Manipulations
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In the Name of ALLAH, The Beneficent, The Merciful


(June 15, 2016)

The Terroristic Rampage of Omar Mateen: And Its Vile Manipulations

Assalaamu Alaikum (Greetings of Peace):

In a release from Ohio two days ago, I noted the following:

“Last night, during a pit stop in another city (Columbus, Ohio), I was invited to address a Muslim community after the fourth raka of tarawih prayers (a non-mandatory, spiritually recommended, prayer service observed by Muslims the world over during the month of Ramadan). In my remarks I encouraged my Muslim brethren (the younger Muslims especially) to keep their heads up and not allow ANYONE to make them feel self-conscious about who they are, or what they believe! I also noted, as a matter of FACT, that not only did the alleged Muslim accused of committing that horrific mass killing in Orlando, Florida, violate the most fundamental tenets of Islam, he was made in America!

“While the propagandists would have the uniformed believe that Omar Mateen did what he did because of “radical Islam,” the FACT of the matter is Omar Mateen was born, raised, and acculturated in America! The guns he used to slaughter innocent people were made and legally purchased in America! What happened in Orlando, Florida, was just another all-too-typical mass killing by a mentally deranged young male – who this time happened to be a marginally practicing Muslim.”

Facts that have emerged in the public square since that commentary was written underscore the validity of that position!

This I Now Believe…

1. I believe Omar Mateen was a disturbed young man who had a love-hate relationship with himself, his faith, and his family (perhaps most notably his father).

2. I believe, from numerous reports (see below), Omar struggled with his sexuality and this became the source of prolonged and deeply internalized self-loathing.

3. I believe his faith and ethnicity periodically made him the source of bullying from some of his peers, and that this magnified an already low self-image.

4. I believe the calls that he allegedly made before his death, claiming affiliation with overseas “terrorist” groups, was nothing more than a feeble attempt to cover-up the true motive behind his rampage. 

5. I believe the timing and target of this murderer’s mayhem underscores the fact that the killing spree had nothing to do with Islam from an ideological and political perspective; that there is more than enough circumstantial evidence to show this; and yet politicians (of both parties), the media, and law enforcement investigators (most notably the FBI) are choosing to ignore these obvious signs – for crass political, ideological, and economic considerations.

Both political factions (Democrats and Republicans) have manipulated this senseless tragedy toward their own ends; the only difference being, the tRUMP faction has just been more stupid in its manipulations!  

Finally, we again remind Muslim leaders and organizations in the U.S. of the counterproductive effect of apologetically reacting (in the public square) anytime a Muslim is accused of a heinous crime. When will this end?!

In the struggle for peace thru justice,

El-Hajj Mauri’ Saalakhan



Ex-wife’s bombshell claim: Club shooter was gay

Sitora Yusufiy, who was married to Mateen in 2009 for three months, made the shocking claim on Brazilian television station SBT Brazil. Her fiancé, Marco Dias, speaking in Portuguese on her behalf, said Yusufiy believed that Mateen had “gay tendencies” and that his father had called him gay in front of her. Dias also claimed “the FBI asked her not to tell this to the American media.”

Orlando shooter Omar Mateen was gay, former classmate says

At least five people have come forward saying they saw Mateen at gay clubs, painting a complicated portrait of the American-born Muslim whom the FBI believes was radicalized by terrorist groups. One former classmate of Omar Mateen’s 2006 police academy class told The Palm Beach Post that he believed Mateen was gay, saying Mateen once tried to pick him up at a bar”.

Omar Mateen’s interest in gay men makes this no ordinary act of terrorism

“All of this poses a problem for the likes of Donald Trump, who told his Twitter followers, as the blood on the bathroom walls of Pulse was still drying, that he ‘appreciate[d] the congrats for being right on radical Islamic terrorism’. If a heady combination of shame and sexuality were part of what drove Mateen’s decisions that morning, how is that to be policed? How can we, to borrow the language of counter-terrorism, ‘eradicate’ the “scourge” of internalised homophobia? Of a feeling that one’s desires are dirty and humiliating?”

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