PPS: Ex-detainee Tells of Torture in Israeli Prison
March 18, 2016   By:    Hawarah Prison, Huwarah prison, Palestinian Detainee, Palestinian Prisoners, Waseem Marouf   Comments are off   //   1400 Views

On his first speech after being released, Palestinian ex-detainee Waseem Marouf has asserted that Israeli forces and jailers tortured him while in their custody.

The Palestinian Prisoner’s Society (PPS) reported Wednesday, according to Al Ray that Israeli forces took Marouf into their custody after intercepting him on his way to Ramallah. Soldiers beat him severely with their hands and rifles. He was then taken to one of Israeli hospitals where he spent three days.

He was taken to Hawarah prison, where he said his jailers stubbed their cigarettes on his skin.

PPS disrector Raed Ammar has called for trying Israeli jailers for these inhuman crimes, stressing the need to close Hawara prison, which has become a center of torture and maltreatment.

Israeli forces abducted Marouf last month and released him Wednesday at night.


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