[ACTION] NEEDED: Letters of Support To Pardon Aafia
March 18, 2016   By:    Aafia Siddiqui, action   Comments are off   //   2491 Views

Dear All,


Our attorneys Stephen Downs and Kathy Manley are filing a commutation petition for our sister Aafia. 
For this to succeed they need as many letters to support the his to pardon Aafia 
Below are three sample letters please use your own words in the format given and no longer than 2 pages and email me signed letter on 

or you can call +923332148780 or +923322214092 for details and delivery methods

Or mail directly to kathy Manley at the address given below the sample letters. 
We need as many as possible 
Looking forward to thousands of responses 
Respond and stay blessed

please click on the links below, as appropriate. 

Aafia -Sample Letters From Acquaintances

Aafia -Sample Letters From dignitary

Aafia -Sample Letters From public


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