Police: Muslim Man Wanted to Dress Up as the Joker and Kill Coworkers
January 26, 2016   By:    Enrique Dominguez, New Arrest   Comments are off   //   812 Views

According to police, Enrique Dominguez, a 20-year-old bicycle part distributor J&B Importers, had told a co-worker about his desire to murder his supervisor and that he had bought a shotgun.

When police went to search Dominguez’ home, they discovered a clown mask, knives, gloves and plastic wrap. They also found social media photos of Dominguez dressed up as the Joker while wielding a large knife. Another photo showed the young man posing in front of 15 combat knives.Dominguez, who has a Joker tattoo on his shoulder, discussed his plan to dress up like the Joker during the attack. The Herald reported that he also showed his co-worker Islamic State execution videos, though there is little information at this point regarding his history with radical Islam.

Defense Attorney Saam Zangeneh asserted Saturday Dominguez is a “good kid,” but Miami-Dade Judge Gloria Gonzalez-Meyer insisted that there was probable cause for an assault charge.

“I’m absolutely convinced, there’s no argument you could make to me at this juncture that could change my determination,” the judge said.

Gonzalez-Meyer set Dominguez’ bond at $5,000 and ordered that he remain on house arrest until the trial takes place, the Herald reported.


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