[ACTION] Help for David Williams of the “Newburgh Four”
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This is a post that David William’s mother, Elizabeth McWilliams made today.  She is asking for help with this situation.  We will be calling the prison to see if we can help push for his care, please make du’aa and pray for him.  Jazak’Allah Khair.

I just received a letter from my son and I’m literally in tears. For the past few months he’s been experiencing pain so severe that he feels like his brain may explode to the point where he is afraid to go to sleep. He has high blood pressure. He states that he put in three medical requests, but never gets called, so he is asking me what is happening to him. I’m posting this so people can see how my son is being treated. Is the government trying to kill my child by refusing him medical care? There are organizations that help people in my situation, but they help who they want, so I’m going to hold on to my faith in GOD and pray that he will deliver and expose the Devils.

Please write to him:

David Williams IV #70659-054  
P.O. Box 6000
Glenville WV,26351

Please see this article about the Newburgh Four

The phone number of the prison is 1-304-626-2500, we encourage people to call and demand he have medical care ASAP.  Jazak’Allah Khair, bless you!

To write the Warden:
Warden Charles Williams
P.O. Box 5000
Glenville WV, 26351

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