Hamas threatens to ‘kill Israeli officer’ if hunger striking prisoner dies
January 25, 2016   By:    Muhammad al-Qiq   Comments are off   //   292 Views

The Hamas Supreme Prisoners Authority vowed on Monday to kill an Israeli military officer if a Palestinian prisoner who has been on a hunger strike for more than two months should die.

Mohammad Qeeq, a Palestinian journalist who worked for a Saudi news channel, started hunger striking in November, protesting his administrative detention. Administrative detention is the practice sometimes used by Israeli authorities in cases of suspected terrorism in which prisoners are held without formal charges being filed against them for renewable six-month periods.

In a press statement released by the organization on Monday, amid Qeeq’s deteriorating condition, Hamas spokesman Husam Badran stated that “Qeeq’s life is a red line that if crossed, will lead us to take measures that Israel has never imagined.”

According to the Palestinian media, Qeeq, who has been hospitalized at HaEmek Medical Center in Afula for the past few weeks, is dying after 62 days without food.


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