Israeli Prison Service Refuses to Re-Implant Artificial Pacemaker for Palestinian Detainee
January 16, 2016   By:    Palestinian Detainee, Palestinian Prisoners, Riyadh Dakhlallah al-'Amur   Comments are off   //   824 Views

RAMALLAH, January 16, 2016 (WAFA) – The Israeli Prison Service has been refusing to re-implant an artificial cardiac pacemaker for a Palestinian detainee suffering from heart diseases, Saturday revealed the Palestinian Detainees and Ex-Detainees Committee.

The committee revealed that Israeli Prison Service (IPS) has been refusing to re-implant an artificial pacemaker for Riyadh Dakhlallah al-‘Amur, 45, who is sentenced to 11 life sentences in the Israeli prison of Eshel.

As a result of the IPS’s refusal to change his dysfunctional pacemaker, al-‘Amur has been intermittently slipping into a comma and feeling weak and tired.

Highlighting his difficult case, the committee added that al-‘Amur has been suffering from several health problems, including a weak cardiac muscle, and that after being shot with several bullets by Israeli forces in the back, he has had part of his intestines and liver excised and the duodenum valve replaced.

The committee added that al-‘Amur had underwent an open heart surgery two years ago and that he would not have adequate heart rate unless he has a new artificial pacemaker transplanted for him.

The committee called on the International Committee of the Red Cross to immediately intervene and compel IPS to allow al-‘Amur to have a new artificial pacemaker. To be noted, al-Amur underwent an open-heart-surgery almost two years ago.

Separately, the committee submitted a file on Israeli violations against Palestinian detainees to the higher national committee in charge of following-up with the International Criminal Court (ICC).

As part of this file, the committee said that in 2015, 16 war crimes and seven crimes against humanity were committed against Palestinian detainees by the Israeli government, noting that the file would be submitted to ICC to hold Israel accountable for its crimes against Palestinians.



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