Save Mohamed Farouk from Junta Torture Chambers
January 4, 2016   By:    Egypt, Mohamed Farouk   Comments are off   //   592 Views

The family of forced disappearance victims Mohamed Farouk (student) and his brother-in-law Osama Abu-Hatab (engineer) issue an urgent appeal for help to human rights organizations to intervene to find their love ones’ places of detention, amid news of them being subjected to brutal systematic torture to confess to serious trumped up charges.

Mohamed Farouk, university student, is being subjected to slow death in the torture chambers of a State Security slaughterhouse in Zagazig (in Egypt’s Sharqeya province) where he has been held for two full weeks now.

Mohamed was abducted, along with three of his friends, from a Cairo street and held at an unknown location by coup security forces. Shortly after Mohamed’s arrest, his sister and her husband Osama Abu-Hatab were also arrested, along with their one-year old baby!
Before releasing his sister, security officers forced her to watch her husband and her brother during torture. Both had grotesque signs of severe torture.
Although Mohamed’s three friends have been seen, and their whereabouts now known, security forces still refuse to admit they hold Mohamed and his brother-in-law Osama Abu-Hatab.
Mohamed Farouk and Osama Abu-Hatab are now helpless victims of slow death in gruesome State Security torture chambers in Zagazig, for two weeks already, where junta officers are trying to force them to confess to serious false charges.
Mohamed Farouk’s father
#انقذوا_محمد_فاروق (Save Mohamed Farouk)
#انقذوا_أسامة_حطب (Save Osama Hatab)

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