Shaker Amer supporters must ‘leave him alone’, says Tory MP
December 28, 2015   By:    Shaker Aamer   Comments are off   //   531 Views

Aamer has surprised many by saying that all he wants from the UK is an apology

Tania Mathias is the Conservative MP for Twickenham (Getty)
After his release, Mr Aamer, now living in London, surprised many by saying that all he wants from the UK Government is an apology, even though it has been suggested that he could be in line to receive £1m in compensation if allegations that he was tortured with the complicity of UK personnel were proved. 

Dr Mathias, who has training in psychiatry and has met Mr Aamer since his release, said: “The most important thing for someone who has had no freedom for 14 years is that he gets back control of his own life. I don’t want to add to the voices of people telling him what to do. For the rest of his life I want him to be in charge of his life.”

“I believe he should get whatever he asks for. I said to him, ‘You are in charge: it’s absolutely up to you’. With people who have been in these situations, sometimes their recovery means not asking for anything – and that is a form of strength in itself.”


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