Lawyer gives ITV News first-hand account on health of British Guantanamo Bay prisoner Shaker Aamer
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A lawyer for Shaker Aamer, the British man who is awaiting release from Guantanamo Bay, spoke to ITV News about how she handed him a protein shake after concerns about a possible hunger strike.

Shaker Aamer could be freed in 15 days’ time, though no date has yet been set.

Reprieve lawyer Cori Crider told ITV News how Shaker Aamer could not believe it when he told him he was going to be released.

Ms Crider said: “I have landed just this morning from Guantanamo Bay where I spent a couple of days with Shaker Aamer.”

He has a big smile – almost no space between his ears and his mouth.

And we saw a lot of smiles, we did a lot of laughing together.

The other thing I will say is we have been very concerned about his health.

There has been a prior indication some weeks ago, that he was going to continue a hunger strike right through to the moment of his release.

I brought in a big mango protein shake and I managed to get him to drink it, so he is at least taking on some nutrition.

– Reprieve lawyer Cori Crider

American censors have restricted what she can say, but she spoke about persuading him to eat.

It is 13 years since Shaker Aamer’s life in Guantanamo Bay began.

But it could be 15 days before his time there ends.

The last British prisoner in Guantanamo Bay is worried he will die before he can be freed.

The 46-year-old, who has a wife and children in London, is due to be freed after 13 years.

He has not been charged with any crime, but cannot be released immediately because the US administration had to give Congress 30 days’ notice of his release.


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