Five Omani bloggers detained
August 5, 2015   By:    Ali Al Muqbali, Mahmoud Al Fazari, Mukhtar Al Hinai, Oman, Saleh Al Azri, Talib Al Saidi   Comments are off   //   511 Views

One blogger is a doctor at the Omani hospital who has been vocal against new medical regulations

Dubai: Five Omani nationals have been detained over their social media activities in recent days, according to the Al Balad local news site.

The bloggers were identified as Saleh Al Azri, Mukhtar Al Hinai, Ali Al Muqbali, Talib Al Saidi, and Mahmoud Al Fazari.

Saleh Al Azri is a doctor at the Omani government hospital and was arrested at his house on Sunday night by security personnel after he was contacted by authorities to come in for questioning.

Al Azri has gone on immediate hunger strike in protest of his detention without a legal warrant or an indictment, according to Al Balad.

He has criticised new medical regulation, calling it a ‘failure’. New regulation has sparked outrage amongst hospital staff with many taking their issues to the court.


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