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On 21st May 2015 Anis Sardar was convicted of the murder of an American Soldier in Iraq without any direct evidence linking him to the killing.

The facts:

  • Anis was a dedicated, peaceful student of Islamic knowledge in Syria from 1997-2007.
  • After the American invasion and occupation of Iraq, almost a million Iraqi refugees flooded into Damascus where he was living. Anis heard the horrors of sectarian aggression and violence reported first hand from these refugees.
  • When an Iraqi friend decided to return to Iraq in order to defend his family from militia attacks, Anis felt morally compelled to accompany him and went to Iraq in late 2006.
  • In Iraq he witnessed unimaginable atrocities during the ethnic cleansing of the Sunni population, raw genocide of civilians, land grabbing and complete breakdown of law and order.
  • The local population, with no other means of protection, put up a barricade of IEDs on the roads surrounding their village as a last resort to defend themselves.
  • An IED built by locals was placed on a dirt road, not normally used by American vehicles.
  • One of these IEDs caused the inadvertent death of an American soldier when his unit took an unaccustomed route onto the dirt path and rode over the IED.
  • Anis had neither planted nor touched this IED.
  • He was convicted of a murder he simply did not commit.
  • Anis had returned to the UK in 2007, married, completed his degree, trained as a black cab driver and returned to normal life.
  • 7 years after his return from Iraq he was arrested.
  • In court he could not call key witnesses of the genocide that took place in Iraq as the court did not give the same protection to defence witnesses as it did to the prosecution. The jury was left bereft of any understanding of the reality of the sectarian violence that took place.
  • The judge labelled him ‘extreme’ for opposing the Iraq war. He used this to justify handing down an extraordinary sentence of 38 years before any possibility of release.

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