[ACTION] Eid al Adha cards for prisoners writing contest
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You’re invited to:

participate in: an ‘Eid-al-Adha: No Prisoner Left Behind Challenge


NOW until ‘Eid al Adha !

As of today, there are approx. 63 days left this year. Give yourself a couple of days to gather all the cards/envelopes, etc. necessary and write a minimum of 30-50 cards between now and seven business days prior to ‘Eid al Adha.

In sha’ Allah, let’s challenge ourselves and have some healthy competition.


– Write just ONE brief card per day to a different detainee, preferably mostly or all who you have never written to before.

  • To make it easier you do not have to purchase and write each card yourself, so long as you write at least one yourself.
  • Aim to pick someone another participant is not/will not be writing to.


Reach out those who are no as known or popular amongst most people who may not be getting enough mail on ‘Eid or in general.


  • There is no limit on how many people you write to. If you want to and can you may write to more than one person at a time.

  • Just take a picture with proof of who you wrote to–not need to show the entire card/letter.. Proof can be your envelope and the top part of what you wrote with the recipient’s name. This way, if someone does not read the list, no prisoner “will be left behind.”

  • [Depending on how many people participate, we may or may not have to even worry about doubles, if we do this right. We’ll cross that bridge when we get there.]

    What’s in it for you (besides Reward from Allah)?:

    ONE person who writes the most AND has the most beneficial and sends the best looking (creative/original) cards will get a nice gift, inshallah.


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