What You Need To Know About The Slime-ball Anti-Muslim Extremists Attacked In Texas
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FD Editor’s Post:  These are slimeballs who’s sole purpose is to make Muslims mad enough to do something stupid enough to justify their hate speech.  PLEASE don’t buy into these idiots.  They are trying to make money – that is all. They are sick and twisted swine who will have to answer to God…  

A trio of (slimeball) notorious anti-Muslim extremists were behind the provocative “Muhammad art exhibit and cartoon contest” where two gunmen opened fire Sunday in Garland, Texas.

Pamela Geller, a native of Long Island, NY who came to be arguably the most provocative anti-Muslim activist in the post-9/11 era, worked on the business side at both the New York Daily News and the New York Observer before she began blogging about radical Islam and posting bikini videos on her website, Atlas Shrugs. She told The New York Times that she was turned to blogging in the wake of the terror attacks because she wasn’t familiar with Osama Bin Laden and “felt guilty that I didn’t know who had attacked my country.”

Geller moved from the far-right fringes to the center of national debate in 2010, when she agitated against the construction of Park51, a planned Islamic center near Ground Zero that she dubbed a “Victory Mosque.”

She also garnered headlines in recent years for placing disputed subway and bus ads through the AFDI. The ads declared “Support Israel. Defeat Jihad” and compared Muslims to “savages.” Those ads were banned by transit authorities in both Boston and New York City, although a federal judge in Manhattan ultimately ruled that the Metropolitan Transit Authority’s ban violated AFDI’s free speech rights.

Most recently, the AFDI courted controversy by trying to run an ad reading “Killing Jews is Worship that draws us close to Allah” on New York City transit. A federal judge last month paved the way for those ads to hit the streets in a ruling that found the ads were protected under the First Amendment.

“There is no evidence that seeing one of these advertisements on the back of a bus would be sufficient to trigger a violent reaction,” U.S. District Judge John Koeltl wrote, as quoted by The Washington Post.

While Geller is known as a far-right provocateur, Duss described Spencer as the more “scholarly” of the duo.

“He produces these reports and these papers that cherry-pick little verses from the Quran,” Duss told TPM. “He finds things that Muslim scholars and activists have said in the past and presents them as if they represent mainstream thought within Islam — just to give a kind of scholarly gloss to what Geller is doing.”

Indeed, Spencer’s biography on his blog Jihad Watch touts his academic credentials in religious studies — which Geller lacks — in addition to the numerous books he’s authored. Spencer’s rhetoric is no less bombastic than Geller’s, though.

When the conservative website WND caught up with Spencer before the cartoon contest to ask whether his group could have called attention to free speech without being so provocative, he answered “no.”

“And the reason for that is because this has become the flashpoint for the defense of the freedom of speech,” Spencer told WND. “These cartoons are offensive to Islam, and there is a death penalty for those who blaspheme against Mohammad. The jihadis believe that these cartoons cross the line and those who draw them and publicize them have to be killed.

“If we believe in free speech in a free society, then we have to stand up for the right of people to offend Muslims or even subject Islam to mockery,” he added.

Geert Wilders #3 slimeball

Dutch parliamentarian Geert Wilders, the founder of that country’s far-right Freedom Party, has been in and out of safe houses and under police protection since Dutch police busted an alleged terrorist cell that had been planning to target the polarizing MP and others in 2004.

Wilders’ relationship with Geller and Spencer goes back several years. One of the AFDI’s stated objectives is “supporting Geert Wilders and others who are fighting attacks on free speech by the Leftist/Islamic alliance.” Wilders was also a fixture at the pair’s anti-Park51 rallies, where Geller praised him as a “modern-day Churchill.”

“America, New York and sharia are incompatible,” he declared at the anti-Park51 event.

While Wilders insists that he hates not Muslims but Islam itself, he has referred to Islam as the “ideology of a retarded culture.” He’s also compared Mohammad to Adolf Hitler and the Quran to Hitler’s “Mein Kampf,” campaigned on banning the Quran in the Netherlands and suggested taxing Muslim women who wear headscarves.

The Dutch MP is currently facing his second hate speech trial for asking his supporters “Do you want more or fewer Moroccans in this city and in the Netherlands?” during a rally last March at The Hague. When the crowd shouted that they’d prefer fewer Moroccans, Wilders assured them “We’ll take care of that.” A judge previously threw out racial hatred charges against Wilders for making the Quran-Mein Kampf comparison on the grounds that his statements were directed at a religion and not a particular group.

All images via YouTube and the Associated Press.

Robert Spencer #4 slimeball

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