Aref supporters continue to maintain he’s innocent
March 7, 2014   By:    Appeal, Yassin Aref   Comments are off   //   435 Views

Supporters of former Albany Imam Yassin Aref still insist he is innocent of federal charges landing him in a federal prison.

Aref’s case before a federal appeals court was rejected earlier this week.

Aref was the leader of an Albany mosque. Along with Mohammed Hossain, he was convicted in federal court after being arrested in a counter-terrorism sting.

The trial involved evidence that was declared classified. The judge examined it and told the jury there was sufficient reason for the government to target Aref. However, the defense was not allowed to see the material.

“It makes it almost impossible for someone who’s been wrongfully convicted to challenge their conviction years later when they get new evidence, ,” attorney Kathy Manley said. “Unless they have DNA, some kind of absolute proof that they’re innocent, the courts won’t even reach the arguments very often. And this is a huge problem for many wrongful conviction cases. And that’s what Yassin has run into.”

Aref and Hossain are scheduled to be released from prison in 2018 unless a new trial is granted and a different verdict is reached.


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