Gitmo still represents Obama’s failed promises
January 10, 2014   By:    Guantanamo, Obama's Broken Promises   Comments are off   //   400 Views

Guantanamo Bay prison in Cuba has been open for more than a decade.

Members of Congress, the lawmakers who have the power to shut it down have been largely quiet about it as squabbling over domestic issues has overshadowed the process to shut it down. And what goes on in the infamous prison also called “Gitmo” has become more secretive. Detainees are secluded from the outside world with limited contact with loved ones. Those inside who have protested with hunger strikes over their treatment have been subjected to force feeding. But the government doesn’t report those instances anymore. It’s a failed promise from President Obama. Gitmo has been open for 12 years. Activists are condemning the detention of prisoners without due process. 164 men remain in Guantanamo–most of them charged with no crime. The president said that shutting down the prison would be one of his first items of business when elected into office. But the classic case of NIMBY, Not In My Backyard from constituents put pressure on lawmakers to couch the issue allowing the prison to stay open. According to a former chief prosecutor of military commissions, it costs 2.7 million dollars per man per year to keep someone at the prison. Over the next several days there will be protests at some of the key landmarks in Washington demanding Guantanamo Bay Prison’s closure.


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