Israel and its puppets
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Brian Cloughley

The Israelis recently carried out another blitz against Arabs in Gaza and their spokesman said that their aircraft and tank strikes were “accurate”. The assaults were said to be aimed at “a weapon-manufacturing facility and a terror infrastructure in the southern Gaza Strip, a terror site and another terror infrastructure in the central Gaza Strip and a concealed rocket launcher in the northern Gaza Strip,” which is an impressive list of targets.

And you might think that in hammering them with their hi-tech killing gear they might have killed some ‘terrorists’. But the only corpse was that of a three-year-old girl.

There she is, photographed dead in the arms of her father, sagging, blood-spattered and wet with his tears. Well done you mighty warriors! – and we might wonder, after seeing things like that, just how these pilots and tank commanders can sleep at night, knowing that it was one of their very own bombs or rockets that ended the life of that little girl.

You might also wonder why so many senators and representatives in the US Congress sleep well, having received so much money for supporting Israel in its relentless oppression of the Arab population it has brutally subjugated over the past 50 years. These politicians depend for re-election on the cash they get from such organisations as the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, the most powerful lobbying group in the world.

One of its puppets is the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, an important person who, you might imagine, given the supposed dignity and integrity of the office, would automatically reject attempts by any individual, organisation or country seeking preferential treatment from the US Congress. Any approaches to influence his deliberations would be treated with well-deserved contempt.

Not a bit of it. The chairman of the foreign relations committee is Senator Robert Menendez who welcomes Israeli approaches to influence him. In the last election cycle he got $219,135 from AIPAC, which handed out millions to 25 of America’s 50 senators for their campaigns. Little wonder that legislation in Washington is never critical of Israel and that all the puppets vote for Israeli repression of Arabs in the lands Israel has illegally occupied.

On becoming chairman, Menendez told an enormous AIPAC gathering last March that his committee “has helped every American president – from Harry Truman to Barack Obama – protect and defend our fundamental promise to stand with Israel and the Israeli people in a strong and lasting alliance. As chairman, I can say – without hesitation – I will keep that promise as I always have. There will never be daylight between the United States and Israel on my watch – never – not on my watch!”

There will never be criticism of Israel by Senator Menendez or any other paid puppets in Congress. Not even when Israel’s blitzes little girls. Not even when more and more Arab villagers are thrown out of their houses which are then crushed to dust by armoured bulldozers of the Israeli army. Not even when international law states plainly that occupied territory is not to be built on by the occupier and Israel keeps building yet more settlements.

Senator Menendez and the other puppets contemptuously ignore UN Security Council Resolution 446 which states that “the policy and practices of Israel in establishing settlements in the Palestinian and other Arab territories occupied since 1967 have no legal validity and constitute a serious obstruction to achieving a comprehensive, just and lasting peace in the Middle East.”

That resolution was passed without a dissenting vote, 12 to nil – although, of course, the US abstained. But abstention or not, it is the duty of the US to abide by UNSC resolutions. It supports them in other instances, when it suits it to do so: so why not in the case of illegal action by Israel? Quite simply, because Israel’s vastly rich supporters in America have bought the US Congress.

Menendez declares that “America will never compromise our democratic principles, our commitment to human rights, to tolerant political discourse,” but America has done that, and continues to do so in Palestine, where the Jews have stolen and occupied the lands of hundreds of thousands of innocent people. Three years ago the Security Council voted to condemn this flagrant illegality but the US vetoed it, saying that “while it agreed that the settlements are illegitimate the resolution harmed chances for peace talks.”

It was recorded in the UK’s Guardian newspaper in 2012 that “the number of Jewish settlers in the West Bank grew by more than 15,000 in the past year to reach a total that exceeds 350,000 for the first time and has almost doubled in the past 12 years.” Just how does Menendez explain that as a “commitment to human rights”?

The many fellow-puppet senators who join him include Mark Kirk, who co-sponsors the current pro-Israel congressional moves to destroy Iran by sanctions. Kirk is an unconditional supporter of Israel, and AIPAC gave him $1,701,983 in the last election cycle during which he declared that “the reason why I ran for the Senate is all wrapped up in this battle. I am totally dedicated to the survival of the state of Israel.” No wonder. Because they bought him.

Why not? After all, he’s a liar who once claimed that “the last time I was in Iraq I was in uniform, flying at 20,000 feet and the Iraqi Air Defence network was shooting at us,” which was total garbage. But at least he didn’t kill a little three-year-old girl in Gaza.

He and Menendez and all the other pro-Israel patsies leave that sort of atrocity to the gallant Israeli defence force that the US government subsidises so generously. What goes around, comes around – except when it comes to justice for Palestinians. The political puppets see to that.

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