Waukesha man lands on FBI’s ‘Most Wanted’ list
September 13, 2013   By:    Jehad Serwan Mostafa, New Arrest   Comments are off   //   508 Views

FD Editor’s Note: Entrapment?  It certainly looks that way.

By Jermont Terry

WAUKESHA – When you go to the FBI’s website you can find crime alerts, wanted fugitives, and the most wanted terrorist suspects. They show pictures, mostly men the government believe are involved with terrorist activity.

Included on that list is Jehad Serwan Mostafa. He’s wanted for his alleged terrorist involvement with a Somali-based terrorist group, Al Shabab.

Mostafa was born and spent his early childhood right here in southeast Wisconsin. He lived in Waukesha. He eventually moved to California, graduated from college but somehow became an anti-American.  

Now’s there’s a $5,000,000 reward for him. Mostafa is among a growing number of Americans since September 11, 2001 listed as terrorists. These are people who have pledged alliance with foreign terrorist groups despite their American ties.

Last year the feds convicted Mahamud Said Omar, from Minnesota. Omar was found guilty of helping to train and recruit more than twenty American men to the same Somalia terror group, Al Shabab.

The Minnesota U.S. Attorney John Docherty said then these Americans are crossing the line of religious freedom. “We very much value our ability to get involved in political movements here locally, nationally, and overseas but there are some lines you just cannot cross,” said Docherty.

The government said Mostafa crossed that line too. Four years ago a federal jury indicted him on “conspiracy to provide material support to terrorists,” and “conspiracy to provide material support to foreign terrorist organization.” Mostafa has been on the run ever since.


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