Omar Khadr’s BIRTHDAY!
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Omar Khadr’s birthday is coming up next week: Sept 19th. He’s missed so many!

The Campaign for JUSTICE for Omar Khadr

All of us hoped he would be free by now, but sadly he remains in prison. Why not send a birthday card or letter to help make it a better day for him? Here’s the address:


Omar Khadr
Edmonton Institution
21611 Meridian Street
PO Box 2290
Edmonton, Alberta
T5J 3H7 

Remember there are a few basic rules: nothing sharp (even a staple or paperclip), no glue, no metal or plastic so avoid those musical cards etc. Also, the envelope may not be delivered to Omar, so you may want to put your return address directly on your letter or card.

Remember – if you are unable to send mail from your address, you may use our post office box.  Email me your letters, I will print and send them.  Email me at [mailto][/mailto]

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