[ACTION] The family of Yassin Aref are in need of our help!
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Please help this family!
The four children of our beloved brother Yassin Aref are literally left in the dark.

At the worst possible time of year, when four bright and determined children are re-entering the school year and eager to shine, National Grid Electric Company has decided to terminate power to the Aref family apartment.

A very generous donor has been paying down the National Grid bill for several months, a little at a time, in hope that the power would not be terminated, but apparently this was not enough.

We are seeking donations to help cover the cost of restoring power at the apartment, so the family has light, warmth, hot water for showers, an oven… you get the point. Upstairs neighbors, kind beyond words, are currently supplying the family with an extension cord from their own apartment so the children have some light in the evening. We are running very low on funds from the Aref Family Children’s Fund, which continues to pay down expenses for rent.

Anything you can do to help will be so greatly appreciated.

Please send your donation to:
Aref Family Children’s Fund
c/o Stephen Downs, Esq.
26 Dinmore Road
Selkirk, NY 12158

Please keep brother Yassin Aref and his family in your dua. To find out more about the ridiculous case against him and Mohammed Hossain, please see:





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17 Comments to “[ACTION] The family of Yassin Aref are in need of our help!”