Palestinian detainee escapes, unnoticed by Border Guard officers
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Infiltrator arrested for illegal residency escapes from transport en route to prison, as Border Guard officers don’t notice; man is still missing, not considered dangerous
Itamar Fleishman

A Palestinian prisoner on his way to Ofer Prison managed to escape from the vehicle in which he was being transported on Sunday afternoon, unnoticed by the Border Guard officers who were watching him. He has yet to be found.

Large numbers of Border Guards and police have opened searches for the man; the circumstances of his escape are under investigation.

According to initial details of the incident, the man, arrested for illegally residing in Israel, was being taken to the Ofer Prison, and jumped off the car and fled the scene while the Border Guard officers preoccupied with something else.

The man is not considered dangerous, and was apparently not cuffed, which made his escape easier. Forces of the Judea and Samaria District Police and the Jerusalem District Police were sent to carry out searches in the area of the prison.

The prison is located near the green line and the territory of the Palestinian Authority. The authorities responsible for the transport and supervision of prisoners are checking into the incident.

The Border Guard issued a statement in response to the escape, noting that “This afternoon, a man was arrested for illegal residency after he had infiltrated into Israeli territory. During his transport to Ofer Prison, the prisoner succeeded in escaping and fleeing the area.

“The prisoner’s identity is known and a search after him is underway. Border Guard Commander Amos Yaakov ordered that the event and its circumstances be investigated.”


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