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From Facebook, please join the group.
free samer issawiTogether we stand with Samer Issawi. Together we show the world that he is not a forgotten case. That he is only one of many detainees in the Israeli prisons who are slowly dying. Sitting in their cells with no charge and no trail.Samer Issawi has been on a Hunger Strike since August 1, 2012 protesting his illegal imprisonment by Israel. He is currently in very critical health condition due to a vitamin B-12 deficiency . He is also experiencing nerves, muscles, and vision problem.

So we are going to take our action up a notch. We are about to start a Facebook Intifada. We will will be sending Facebook messages, posts, comments etc to the follow pages:

1. President Barack Obama

2. Human Rights Watch

3. PM Netanyahu

4. Amnesty International

5.International Red Cross & Red Crescent

6. European Parliament


8. CNN International

9. BBC

Please do not use foul language; be respectful. The point of this is to let them know the world is watching.Some sample comments to use:

– Samer Issawi, 33 years old, is from Jerusalem. He was released in Oct, 2011 after 11 years of being detained. 8 months after his released, the Israeli Occupation Forces re-arrested him with no charges against him & without a fair trial! WE DEMAND THE IMMEDIATE RELEASE OF SAMER!!!

-Samer Issawi is a victim of extreme torture & abuse with bruises all over his body by theThe Israeli Police Services (IPS). On December 9th, he lost consciousness for 48 hours after being given “medicine” WE DEMAND THE IMMEDIATE RELEASE OF SAMER!!!

-On Dec 18th during a court appearance, Samer (who is currently in a wheel chair) & his family were physically assaulted by The Israeli Police Services (IPS) in front of the Israeli judge, who did nothing to stop this brutal act. VIDEO: WE DEMAND THE IMMEDIATE RELEASE OF SAMER!!!

-The International Committee of the Red Cross and prisoner support and human rights groups have been denied access to visit Samer Issawi who is in Israeli Prison, With No Charges against him and without a fair Trial! He is committed to continue his strike until freedom and has refused deportation. WE DEMAND THE IMMEDIATE RELEASE OF SAMER!!!

You are welcome to send your own personal message or use the above. Either way: SEND OUT A MESSAGE TO THE ABOVE PAGES. Again Please make sure you do NOT use foul language & make sure to be respectful. We are doing this to spread awareness & tell these officials & organization we do not approve of the treatment & conditions the Palestinian Prisoners are facing in Israeli Prisons.

We, the people, have an opportunity to save a life. Let’s Save Samer’s Life.

Please invite family & friends to join this Facebook Intifada! And last but not least PLEASE PRAY THAT SAMER IS RELEASED & BACK WITH HIS FAMILY SOON!

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