Prison Doctors To Amputate Leg Of Wounded Detainee
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FD Editor’s Note:  This prisoner along with 17 others are facing medical neglect in Israeli prisons.  Israel is notorious for terrible treatment of prisoners.  They use many different methods of torture, they do not provide adequate nutrition, and they do not provide medical treatment until the situation is dire, as was the case with this prisoner.  If you are in the USA remember that your tax dollars are supporting this.  Israel gets more money in “aid” from the US than any other country receives, including countries like Somalia where people are starving to death.  Please write your reps and demand they do something about this, let them know that you do not want to pay for this!

By Saed Bannoura

Lawyer of the Palestinian Ministry of Detainees, Fadi Obeidat, stated that Israeli physicians at the Ramla Prison Clinic decided to amputate the left leg of detainee Nahedh Al-Aqra’, 41, from the Gaza Strip. The detainee lost his right leg after being shot by the army.

Mother Of Nahed Al-Aqra' Holding His Picture -

Mother Of Nahed Al-Aqra’ Holding His Picture –

Al-Aqra’ is suffering from very sharp pain in his leg due to infections resulting from his injury and due to the lack of adequate medical treatment as the only medication he received was painkilling pills.

His family was never allowed to visit him since he was kidnapped while returning from Jordan on July 7, 2000, where he received medical treatment for multiple gunshot injuries in his legs, and was sentenced to three life-terms.

Israel’s recent decision to allow family visits to Gaza Strip detainees did not include detainees who are hospitalized at the prison clinic. Gaza Strip detainees were denied visitation rights after the second Intifada started in late September 2000.

In prison, he suffered various complications, including infections, and his wound became septic; the doctors performed several surgeries but could not save his leg.

Al-Aqra is a father of four children who never saw him since 2000 despite extensive efforts conducted by the Red Cross.

In related news, the family of detainee Mahmoud Hamdi Shabana, 40, stated Saturday that he is suffering from a sharp pain in his throat, especially the vocal cords, and that he is not receiving any medical treatment.

Al-Aqra’ is held at the Negev Detention Camp; he was kidnapped more than 35 months ago and was confined under repeatedly renewed Administrative Detention orders without charges or trial since then.




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