Updated – How Anwar Al Awlaki helped me through my Hardship. ~ By Ny Gani (since passed away as of March 10, 2012)
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This was first published a year ago.  This was written before Shaikh Anwar was murdered.  Sister Najma wanted to show people that he was a good compassionate man.  That’s why she put her privacy aside to show everyone the truth.  May Allah(SWT) reward her for that.  Since then our sister Najma passed away on 10th March 2012 peacefully in hospital. Her Janaaza was performed the next day by Imam Suliman Gani who knew Najma during her time teaching and receiving treatment at St Georges Hospital. Najma was buried at the Garden of Peace Islamic burial ground the same day and now Inshallah paradise awaits her. Over time, Najma’s personal Facebook content as requested will be moved across to this website where we can manage this directly for her.

 By Najma Yasmin Ny Gani

I was diagnosed with Acute Pro Myeloid Leukaemia in febrary 2006. six months before that i had left my successful job in a Catholic Collegiate teaching Science to begin a humble job in an Islamic school, since life’s disappointments had lead me to a series of soul searching and seeking a place where i belonged. i had given up my life of clubbing and non-stop pointless socialisng and enjoyed every moment at AL-Risalah, i taught both the male students and the female students as Director of Science my role was demanding, however i would spend every spare moment sitting in the Islamic lessons trying to catch up and learn about this deen i had begun to fall in love with. Then one day in the spring term catastrophe caught me unguarded, and i was diagnosed with a very rare and dangerous acute aggressive blood cancer.

By the time i was diagnosed CT scanning showed that i was most likely to die from haemorraghing as i was now suffering from a brain haemorrhage and pelvic haemorrhage, lung haemorrhage and retinal haemorrhage. all caused by the Leukaemia. The retinal haemorrhage was most depressing as the blood had leaked into my eyes preventing me from seeing i had no vision. Doctors said i would not likely survive the next two weeks but i knew that ALLAH would not abandon me, i was scared and in isolation due to being in a immunocompromised state, but i never felt alone. How could I?

My Lord was with me as close to my Jugular vein.

My colleagues and students would come daily on those first two weeks, each visit they would see that i had deteriorated, my eyes were closed most of time, i felt no reason to keep them open as i could not see, i wanted to read Quran and i was angry with myself that i did not know enough verses to recite from memory, I regretted my ignorance, and longed to continue my learning i had begun at AL-Risalah Islamic school.

then a few days later, my students came to visit me, and they had bought for me a gift, knowing that my eyes were bleeding and my sight compromised. the gift was the entire collection of Shaykh Anwar al Awlaki’s ‘Stories of the Prophets’ and ‘Seerah of Mohammed PBUH’ and “The life of the Companions’. it was the best gift i could have received as late at night when my family had returned home, and slumber was not reaching me, the nurses would put a CD in for me and I would listen for hour after hour, i would laugh and i would cry, but mostly i would know that my hardship and disease was nothing compared to that of the Prophet Mohammed PBUH, of the Companions (RA), and of the Prophets of the past (AS). it was through the efforts of Shaykh Anwar Al Awlaki, that i was able to gain comfort and knowledge in my darkest hours, his voice was a source of comfort and his inspirational words helped to heal my damaged body.

The devastating effects of acute Pro Myeloid
Leukaemia and the horrific intensive 6 months
of chemotherapy.

Today i am still fighting Leukaemia, and devastated to learn of the death of the Shaykh, Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un (إِنَّا لِلّهِ وَإِنَّـا إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعونَ) ‘Surely we belong to Allah and to Him shall we return‘. May ALLAH reward his efforts and his attempts to educate this Ummah, i know for certain that this sister in WImbledon, will miss his voice and his lectures. The Shaykh will never know that he kept me company in the difficult days of cancer, but I pray that his family has patience in these difficult times, and he be received in jannah (paradise) ameen.

FD Editor’s Note:  Please pray for this sister as she continues to battle Leukemia.  Bless you.

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2 Comments to “Updated – How Anwar Al Awlaki helped me through my Hardship. ~ By Ny Gani (since passed away as of March 10, 2012)”
  • Christy Crouse
    March 3, 2013 -

    She passed away 10th March 2012 inna lilahee wa inna ilayhee raja'oon she was an inspirational sister please always keep her in your dua

  • Shaquita
    March 26, 2013 -

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