Terry Holdbrooks Detained in the U.S.A.
September 7, 2009   By:    Terry Holdbrooks   1 comment   //   395 Views

In name of God, compassionate & merciful Peace be with you

Ex-Guantanamo bay guard Terry Holdbrooks – now callled Mustafa Abdullah, was due to arrive 5th September, Saturday evening in the US on a return flight from a trip to the UK. Upon arrival the FBI interrogated and detained brother Mustafa again at a US airport. This is not surprising to us but very unnecessary. What threat or need is there to ‘capture’ and detain the man? No news as to why he has been detained but brother Mustafa is forced to spend the night there and passed on this message:

Message from brother Mustafa

“So upon arrival I was detained again in the states, and interviewed by the FBI, sleeping in the terminal again tonight so I am not going to be anywhere near anyone! My laptop and all electronics have been seized by the FBI, I am evidently tied with jihad in America! Please let everyone who should know this know, as in tell everyone, my facebook page, etc! Thank you, have a great slumber!”

Please keep brother Terry Mustafa Holdbrooks in your dua’, support him and ensure he has a grand welcome when the authorities eventually let him go insha’Allah.



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1 Comment to “Terry Holdbrooks Detained in the U.S.A.”
  • Zaufishan
    September 8, 2009 -

    Shukran for reposting this sister. People need to know, NEED to, and must respond positively to prevent these reactions from authorities, security and others.

    Jaza'allah khair. I'll be back for proper reading of posts in full… insha'Allah.