Prisoners ‘ignored by lazy authorities’
December 18, 2008   By:    Abdullah Majid Al Nuaimi, Abdulraheem Al Murbati, Bahrain, Hassan Yabis, Khalil Janahi, Saudi Arabia   Comments are off   //   356 Views

By rasha al qahtani

A PRESSURE group says it has lost patience with the government for its “laziness” and “neglect” in trying to free four Bahrainis arrested by Saudi police.

The National Justice Movement, also known as Al Adala, has been spearheading efforts to release former Guantanamo Bay detainee Abdulla Majid Al Nuaimi, Hassan Yabis, Khalil Janahi and Abdulraheem Al Murbati.

However, its Freedom Committee head Mohammed Janahi says the organisation is getting frustrated with an apparent lack of pressure from the Bahraini authorities.

Mr Al Nuaimi and Mr Yabis were arrested on the causeway in October and August respectively, while Mr Janahi was arrested in Riyadh in April last year and Mr Al Murbati was arrested in June 2003.

“I have contacted the Foreign Ministry and the Bahrain Embassy in Riyadh, but on both sides I see negligence and laziness,” Mr Janahi claimed yesterday.

“They keep telling me that they are doing the necessary protocols with Saudi authorities, but they don’t seem to take it seriously – they are slacking.

“This kind of behaviour from the Bahraini government is a joke towards its people’s rights.”

Mr Janahi criticised Saudi Arabia for holding citizens of Bahrain without charge.

“If there is anything against the detainees then the Saudi authorities should tell us and if there isn’t then they should release them,” he said.

“Bahrain is a country and has power, so why are they so afraid of demanding the release of the detainees from Saudi?”

The men are understood to have been detained for allegedly having terrorist links, but Al Adala claims they are innocent.

It also says Mr Janahi was handed over to UAE authorities last month and is still being interrogated.

It is thought the four men were included on a list of nearly 1,000 Al Qaeda suspects accused of carrying out “acts of war” against Saudi Arabia.

However, the Saudi authorities have remained tight-lipped on the reasons for their arrests.

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