Arab media report: Israel ready to comply with Hamas demands
October 18, 2008   By:    Palestinian Detainee   1 comment   //   597 Views
by Saed Bannoura – IMEMC News

According to the Saudi Arabian newspaper Ukaz, the top Israeli negotiator, Amos Gilad, informed an unnamed Palestinian source that Israel is ready to free all of the prisoners demanded by the Hamas party in exchange for captured Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit. Gilad’s office denied the report.

Palestinian detainees flash the peace sign out of a transport busThe Hamas party has asked Israel to release 1,000 of the over 10,000 Palestinians currently being held in prison camps inside Israel. In exchange, Hamas has promised to see to the release of Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit, who has been held by Palestinian resistance groups in Gaza since 2006.

According to the Saudi paper’s source, once Israeli Prime Minister-elect Tzipi Livni forms a coalition with the other Israeli political parties, the Israeli side has agreed to release 450 Hamas-affiliated Palestinian detainees. Following that, an additional 550 detainees will be released.

Negotiations between the Hamas government in the Gaza Strip and the Israeli government over the prisoner release deal have been at a standstill for months, with Israel unwilling to budge on the number of detainees it would be willing to release.

Now, according to the unknown Palestinian source, that impasse may be breaking, with the Israeli side showing a bit more willingness to negotiate than they have in the past. But Israeli authorities have assured the Israeli media that this is not the case, and they will not budge on the terms of negotiation.

Israeli authorities continue to hold over 10,000 Palestinians in prison camps, and abduct an average of 400 more each month. Many of these detainees are held without charge, in what Israel terms ‘administrative detention’, for sometimes years at a time.

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1 Comment to “Arab media report: Israel ready to comply with Hamas demands”
  • Priscila
    August 11, 2013 -

    Hi David,This is an unbelievably one-sided procidtuon. If this was about any other issue, you and Cranmer would reject it as unbalanced and not upload it on your site. I live a few hundred km from the Gaza Strip, and the view from here is a bit different to the view from Sydney or London or Washington.This video ignores:- The extensive and growing Israeli settlements in occupied Palestinian territories.- The security operations undertaken by Israel in the occupied territories that have killed thousands of Palestinians- The thousands of Palestinians languishing without trial in Israeli jails.- The daily humiliation inflicted on Palestinians by the IDF at the plethora of security checkpoints.- Tthe rejection by Israel of the Arab Peace Initiative and the PLO peace plan in 2008 as revealed by Al Jazeera in February this year.- The discrimination against Arab citizens of Israel.- The illegal acquisition of Palestinian land through the security wall and other techniques.Can I suggest you read a book like Colin Chapman’s Whose Promised Land, or Elias Chacour’s We Belong to the Land to get a more balanced view of the history and current situation? Yes, there are Palestinian groups like Hamas and Islamic Jihad that reject an Israeli state outright. Just as there are Jewish groups that will not rest until they have reclaimed all of OT Israel and forced out or exterminated anyone currenlty living there. What people like us can do is encourage progress towards a peaceful and just settlement not take sides and propagate diatribes like these.Andrew Reid