Liberate The Prisoner 650 – The Grey Ghost Lady of Bagram Prison! (Petition)
July 13, 2008   By:    Female Detainee, Petition   5 Comments   //   424 Views
CHARGE OR RELEASE PRISONER 650 – a female detainee at Bagram Prison!
Prisoner 650 is a Pakistani Muslim women held by the  American military for many years without any trial in the notorious Bagram Prison in Afghanistan. Her screams have reached the ears of many ex inmates and others who have visited the prison. They all claim that the screams still haunt them. They have labeled her the Grey Ghost Lady of Bagram jail which is under the supervision of US military and Intelligence.
Recently Ms. Yvonne Ridley held a press conference to appraise the world about her situation.
Lets sign the petition and show that the world that the people are still alive and actively able to respond to the cries and screams of their helpless sister. Let us brought the culprit to justice and liberate The PRISONER 650

Please sign HERE

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5 Comments to “Liberate The Prisoner 650 – The Grey Ghost Lady of Bagram Prison! (Petition)”
  • Chet
    July 12, 2008 -

    Great Blog!!

    With your permission I would like to cross post the petition for the Ghost Lady of Bagram jail.

  • Chet
    July 12, 2008 -

    I also wanted to say that I will add you to my blog roll.

  • Karin
    July 12, 2008 -

    HORRIFIC … it makes my blood curdle!! How in the world can PEOPLE do that to … PEOPLE??? What beasts are that? How low did humanity descend? Each time I think it can't get worse only to discover even worse – where is that going to reach other than the abyss?

    Thanks so much for being a voice for the voiceless, for those who are seemingly forgotten by mankind and on top suffering torments we can't even imagine in our worst dreams on a daily basis!

    I will definitely sign the petition and hope countless others will do likewise!

    You're doing such an important job … God bless you!!

  • Mansoor Ali
    July 25, 2008 -

    Many of our brothers and sisters are missing and those who gave us hope, like the Honorable Chief Justice Mr. Iftekhar Chaudhry, have been eliminated from the scene. Only Allah is listening to our screams. Musharraf, his companions and those who are responsible for the agony of thousands of innocent people who are missing, detained or executed without trial would meet the same fate like Saddam and other strong rulers. These people would be alone when the will face the agonizing and painful end…and there will not be a single eye dropping a tear for them….People of Pakistan are long dead…they don't listen to the screams, they don't want to hear these sad stories…their own stories are even more horrifying. The middle class has been turned into poor by brutal increase in prices of fuel, energy and basic commodities…. The Makhdooms, the Zardaris the Shareefs and the Generals are feeling no pain…because their bank balance is increasing, their dollar vault is multiplying their property is expanding…but the poor people of Pakistan are dieing daily…They are selling there children, women are finding horrible ways to run their kitchen, The bribery has become the only solution to meet the daily expenses. Why would any politician think about it…They are here this time for the final looting…and the story would be wrapped for Pakistan…But…we are still sleeping..and just sleeping

  • Syed Nazar Abbas
    July 26, 2008 -

    There are no words to say about situation in Pakistan. You are right and i hope the Pakistani so called Gairat (every ethnic claims thst they are Gairatmand) will be waked with the screams of our IZZAT.