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Support for Seyed Mousavimousavi

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We hereby express our strong support for, confidence in, and admiration for Mr. Mousavi. We affirm that Mr. Mousavi is a hard-working citizen who has worked tirelessly through Hejrat Foundation and the Al-Nabi Mosque for the good of all of us, and for the good of the general community in West Covina, California, as well as the Islamic community in Southern California.

Mr. Mousavi established Hejrat Foundation – a religious, educational, and charitable organization – in the year 2000. His ethical character and dedication are well reflected in his community-oriented work and goals. His goals have been to educate, and help members of his community; to educate Muslims and non-Muslims; to encourage positive social progress; to build unity between all people of faith; to promote tolerance and mutual respect among all citizens; and to serve the numerous pressing social and religious needs of Muslims in Southern California. His goals also have included the establishment of mosques, Islamic seminaries, full-time Islamic schools, weekend Islamic schools, libraries, Islamic banks, Islamic cemeteries, homeless shelters, free medical clinics, orphanages, domestic violence shelters, food banks, and other organizations and services to meet the needs of the growing Muslim population, and our non-Muslim neighbors. At the time of his arrest, some of these goals had been actualized, some were in the planning stages and nearing implementation, and some were still dreams for the future.

As a part of the services of Hejrat Foundation, Mr. Mousavi also ran a Hajj caravan for the past several years, helping many make their Hajj pilgrimage. Hajj (or pilgrimage to Mecca) is a sacred Muslim duty and Mr. Mousavi made the Hajj trip possible for some who otherwise would not have been able to do so without his generous help. In fact, some of the undersigned went to Hajj with Mr. Mousavi. At all times he was honest, responsible, and professional, and those people are grateful for his selfless sacrifices during the Hajj.

Mr. Mahmood Mousavi has had a positive and profound effect on many lives, especially among the youth of the community. Through his efforts, they have had educational opportunities to better themselves. In addition, they have had the encouragement necessary to grow into solid, responsible, and honest citizens, and to resist the pressures associated with gangs, drugs, dishonest friends, and other life-wasting situations. He has helped them in too many ways to list, and they have a deep respect for him based on what he has shown them through his words and his deeds.

Your Honor, we feel morally obligated to tell you that we believe that Mr. Mousavi is an innocent man, and that he was wrongfully convicted, and we believe this will be proven in the future. Now that he has been convicted, we worry about his health and well-being. Your Honor, we respectfully implore you to show mercy and compassion to this great man.


In conclusion, we, the undersigned petitioners, hereby respectfully request that the Honorable Judge Percy Anderson exercise his discretion in the favor of Mr. Mousavi in the sentencing process. We pray that Judge Percy Anderson would set aside the jury’s conviction, but save that, we implore Judge Percy Anderson to use his discretion in mitigation and absent any other recourse, to give Mr. Mousavi the least possible and most minimized sentence allowed by law.

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