Shaker Aamer
Guantánamo Detainee Rebuffed
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By CHARLIE SAVAGE A Federal District Court judge on Tuesday rejected a request by a high-profile detainee at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, that the judge order [...]

Palestinian Prisoners
Omar Khadr
The FREE Omar Khadr NOW Campaign is an organization of concerned citizens who are committed to seeking justice for our fellow Canadian Omar Khadr.
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Get in touch Our contacts for journalists and reporters: Kathleen Copps, Helen Sadowski and Heather Marsh E Founder campaign and editor website: Aaf [...]

Aafia Siddiqui
My Response to: “Lady al Qaeda: The World’s Most Wanted Woman,” by Shane Harris
August 28, 2014   Aafia Siddiqui   No Comment

Mauri topped himself this time!  I was very happy to read that we feel the exact same way and try and deal with them the same way as well!  Do read this!  This is important for all of us!  Especially those of us who work in human rights for our prisoners of conscience both abroad and here in the Unites States.  This must end.  They won’t intern all of us – the way they did the Japanese during WWII but will do everything they can up to that point.  That includes sending FBIInformats into mosques and masjids to search for likley victims.  Lately we have found that a good percentage of these people are either developmentally delayed, or have some kind of emotional or mental disability.  I am thinking that these young people are going to be easier to get them to do what they want.  They glorify violent “jihad” and they are taught by these people that 1) there are no innocent victims, and they tell them that they are doing a great thing, which will be rewarded greatly by Allah subhanna wa t’ala.  They build them up, the self esteem, all of it.  They are given money, clothing in some cases, and of course a lot of attention and talk about how he will be so honored and so rewarded for being a shaheed.

And in some cases they are given whatever equipment they may need, and they are told how to use it, and they tell them where to use it. Once the young person (or should I just say mark at this pont? Once he arrives at the appointed place, the feds come running in, arrest them – next you know they are doing 20 or 39 or more years! Their lives are ruined.  I recently got in touch with someone who had that same scenario happen.  He was Autistic. These feds will stop at nothing.

Every one of us must start noticing these kids who are slipping between the slats.  We need to start this training early.  Or course we teach them about Allah subhanu wa t’a’a but we also need to teach then what to look out for Don’t trust everyone you see, especially if they come to you and ask you to do something wrong… talk to the Imam or a trusted elder.